About ME

Hi! I’m Paul. I’m a financial executive with over thirty years experience trading stocks and options

But, that’s not all that defines me. I am also a husband, father to three beautiful daughters and an avid sports fan.

I grew up in Brooklyn, NY surrounded by 9 brothers and sisters and a close knit group of friends who are still in my life today. If I’m not at my home in Mt. Pleasant, SC trading you could probably find me out for a bike ride, down at the beach with my wife, visiting my eldest daughter in New Jersey or on one of my many sports trips with my friends. My goal is to visit every baseball and football stadium in the country, and my friends and I take a trip each Fall to check another city off of our list. So far, we have visited 28 baseball stadiums and 15 football stadiums. I am a die hard New York Met, New York Ranger and Pittsburgh Steelers fan – in fact, I first learned my love for numbers when I would keep score of every Mets game, whether they were on TV or I was at a game; sports have always been a very important aspect of my life.

After I left Wall Street, I stayed home and began trading for myself. When my wife, two younger daughters and myself made the move to South Carolina from New Jersey, I began to take trading even more seriously and found that I loved consulting with others on what I was doing. I am eager to take the skills that I have learned and teach you, how you too, can successfully trade the SPY.