1.   Intra Day Trading – 13, 30 Minute Time Frames between 9.30AM and 4:00PM
  2.   MGI – Market Generated Information
  3.   Balance – A Market waiting for more MGI
  4.   Excess – Ends one auction-Begins another. Gaps are a form of excess.
  5.   S/P Single Prints – Intra Day Excess-Price trades at certain prices only one time frame.
  6.   OTFU-OTFD – One time framing up or down-never taking out either previous high or low.
  7.   Trend Days-S/P + OTFU OR OTFD – If taken back usually late in the 2nd day or 3rd.
  8.   Never Ever (Go Against) Fade a Trend Day!!!
  9.   APBL – Afternoon pullback low-where sellers get rejected.
  10. ARH – Afternoon Rally High-Where buying dries up.
  11. ISM,W,D – Inside month, week,day- Trade inside the previous TF-time frame. Go with the trade and monitor it for continuation or LACK of.
  12. OSMU,OSWU,OSDU – outside month,week,day up-Trades below the previous TF low but closes above its high.
  13. OSMD,OSWD,OSDD  -outside month, week,day down- Trades below the previous TF high but closes below its low.
  14. Trade Location – Minimize risk while maximizing return
  15. Know who your competition is and what they are doing
  17. Longer TF – TIme Frame trumps the shorter ones.
  18. Balance Rules – price gets to the Top or bottom of a balance and fails, price slightly extends the top or balance and fails, price gets thru the top or bottom and never looks back. In the first two scenarios usually trade to the other end of the balance.
  19. Diffusion Model – Innovator- Early Adapter-Majority-Late Majority-Laggards………never want to be the Laggard!!
  20. PH OR PL – Poor High or Poor Low- when you trade at the same price or one tick above or below in two or more time frames-no completion-usually revisited.
  21. Market Profile – Real time visual tool that supports the analysis of past, current and developing market structure through profile shapes and pattern recognition. PRICE-Advertises. TIME-Regulates. VOLUME- Confirms or rejects price.
  22. Emotional Reserve is as Capital Reserve.
  23. Options – Call Bullish, Put Bearish- Which expiration & Price to trade based on Trade Location.

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