“The best way to predict the future, is to create it.”
– Abraham Lincoln

35 years of trading means one thing, it’s my passion. I was a specialist and market maker for Dow and S&P stocks on the NYSE for 25 years, and for the past 10 years I have been successfully trading my own portfolio, specializing in the SPY ETF and its options. Although it comes naturally for me, it still takes dedication, perseverance and hard work. Combine this with my expertise in breaking down charts in all time frames, along with the market profile, and you get the best odds for becoming a successful trader. You never work a day in your life, if you love what you do – I can make trading become your passion, too!

Disclaimer: For Informational and Educational purposes only. Trading includes risks which can cause the loss of some or all of your portfolios value.


The Key to Winning Trades

MGI Information derived from the market profile based on price (advertisement), time (regulates price) and volume which confirms or rejects price.


Daily Videos

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In depth chart analysis for all time frames: monthly, weekly, daily and intraday


Learn how to apply Market Profile Analysis in your trading, an invaluable tool.

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Wall Street Memorabilia



This photo represents the companies that I was awarded to trade through extensive interview processes during my 25 years on the floor of the NYSE. When I was awarded Conoco, it was the largest IPO ever on the floor, at that time. Fun Fact: I was featured in a commercial for one of my clients, Bay Networks.


These badges are a symbol of the multitude of companies I represented during my time on the floor of the NYSE – one thing that never changed, my badge number! My first job on the NYSE was with Ernst & Co., followed by Ware & Keelips and Spear,Leeds & Kellogg Specialists LLC, which was ultimately taken over by Goldman Sachs.


The meaning behind Camelback Trading 2724, this camel was a gift from a friend and co-worker and it quickly became our firm’s mascot. He has been by my side ever since – from the floor of the NYSE, to my home office in NJ and now to my new headquarters in South Carolina!


What they say about me

Hear from my longtime mentor, friend and colleague, Tony Victor – he feels so comfortable in our hands that he trades in his slippers! They say comfort is key to a successful relationship!

Hear from Steve, a colleague of mine for 15 years, but most importantly, a dear friend. We speak daily on various topics, including trading, sports and our families. Steve accompanies me on my yearly sports trips across the country to numerous baseball and football stadiums, as well as hockey arenas!


Become a More Effective Trader

Camelback Trading can provide you with all of the valuable information that we use to trade our own portfolio for under $1 a day. Check out our educational options, below!


WindoTraderBLUE WindoTraderBlue is a Market Profile and Volume Analytics charting application used by successful traders worldwide. WindoTraderBLUE software helps you:
• See more than the obvious
• Determine what’s relevant
• Make better trading decisions

WindoTrader is available in two different versions, BLUE and BLUE Lite.

The BLUE version offers everything that Paul Asmar uses on a daily basis and is suitable for both long term and shorter term traders.

The BLUE Lite version offers the same functionality as BLUE however its emphasis being on day-time frame and higher.

My suggestion, speak with Neri at WindoTrader and he will help you determine which version is right for you. Schedule your personalized demonstration here Calendly.

Camelback Trading special promotional pricing:

WindoTraderBLUE Lite ($135/mo for 90 Days)

WindoTraderBLUE ($245/mo for 90 Days)


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